Inspiration Strikes

December 23, 2020


For the past three years, I’ve spent every morning throwing the ball to my dog, Gunner. I’ve endured the rain, snow, and wind, checking my weather app to see how cold it truly is. I’m not sure my dog appreciates my dedication to his frolicking.

During this repetitious movement, many ideas and character conversations have come to life in my brain, giving me material for scenes in my story. I’ve also witnessed some gorgeous sunrises with the clouds nestled along the Sandia Mountains, changing from grey to pink to a fiery orange. One morning as I watched Gunner chase a ball, I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting to have a lethal assassin with revenge and anger darkening his heart, cherish the sunrise? A man who finds beauty and peace with the start of a new day?

Hmm—meet Azrael, the protagonist of Chasing the Darkness. His name means Angel of Death, and those in Pandaren know it well.

Below is a little snippet into the life of Azrael and why the most feared assassin in the land relishes the sunrise.


Even though I’ve finished my novel, I still look forward to the early mornings of watching Gunner run while inspiration sparks. You just never know when a new idea might strike. How about you? Where do you get your ideas? The shower, while exercising? Would love to hear from you.

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