Conquering the Darkness

DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT! Definitely get off this page if you haven’t read the first two books in the trilogy.

Ultimate victory is won within the battlefield of the soul.

Without his magic or his memories, Jasce Farone finds himself in the frozen realm of Balten, suffering the lingering wounds from his last battle and haunted by a woman he can’t recall. Jasce tries to be the man everyone expects him to be—the one they remember—but the spindly fingers of revenge wrap around his heart while a past he’s never confronted escorts him further into darkness.

When a disturbing message arrives from Orilyon, the race for the three remaining Stones of the Heart of Pandaren begins. Jasce will need to trust those who fight by his side while battling the demons within if he wants to preserve magic and prevent tyranny from spreading throughout the land. If he succeeds, then a chance at love and peace is within his grasp. If he fails, Drexus will unleash hell on everyone who stands in his way.

Can Jasce fight the battle within while waging war against a threat that could destroy everyone he ever loved?

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